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Marble has always been about accessible luxury. Though prized and used by the same people who also had diamonds and pearls, it was used by artists – often hired by the diamond-and-pearl set – to create works of sculptural and architectural beauty enjoyable by all. The material has retained its allure even today, a sign of refinement, substance, and taste.

Check out some of our favourite marble luminaires below – each showcasing a unique personality and an elegant aesthetic.

Keshi Table

B.lux Keshi Table Lamp LightForm Blog

David Abad‘s managed to create something both weighty and airy with this black marble-based LED lamp for B.lux. Its wire-cage shade seems to suspend the cylindrical pedestal while casting a gentle vertical-patterned light.

Biagio Table

FLOS Biagio Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Sculpted out of Carrara marble, the Biagio table lamp from FLOS has been pièce de résistance since its debut in 1968. Designed by the Venetian postmodernist Tobia Scarpa, whose work is in the permanent collections of the Louvre and the Museum of Modern Art, this lamp justifies mantles and elevates nooks with its extreme originality and gentle glow.

Snoopy Table

FLOS Snoopy Table Lamp LightForm Blog

Looking as much like a bike seat as the bust of its eponymous cartoon dog, Achille and Pier Castiglioni‘s design for FLOS can blend into the background before it captures attention and draws all eyes to its playfully elegant marble and glass silhouette.

Mano Table

FontanaArte Mano Table LightForm Blog

Though it may at first seem like a novelty by someone like Philippe Starck, this hauntingly humorous table lamp from FontanaArte was designed by Pietro Chiesa in 1932, its base and distinctive handmade of marble powder and resin. A conversation piece, and a classic.

Chamber Pendant series

Lee Broom Chamber Pendant Series LightForm Blog

The clever flip, using marble as a diffuser instead of a base, gives Lee Broom‘s crystalline LED pendants a distinctive look that won’t soon be forgotten.

Globe Table Light

Lee Broom Globe Table Lamp

Broom plays with the notion of marble solidity again, this time even more starkly by burying his 1100 lumens LED light source inside what seems like a solid marble semi-globe.

Tube Suspension

Lee Broom Tube Suspension LightForm Blog

Broom’s most extreme marble-based playfulness takes the standard fluorescent tube shape and renders it in high-contrast Carrara marble.

Beta M Table

Parachilna Beta Table LightForm Blog

A mix-and-match series of stems, diffusers, and black or white marble bases allows you to make your own lamp from the basic geometric shapes designed by Viveca González and Shukri Girgis for Barcelona’s Parachilna.

JWDA Marble Table

Menu JWDA Table LightForm Blog

Organic but not figurative, grounded but effervescent, Swedish designer Jonas Wagell’s new iteration of his already classic lamp for Menu offers a soft luminescence and a form that is utterly itself.

Wandering Star Suspension

Viso Wandering Star Suspension LightForm Blog

Filipe Lisboa’s dual-tone, glass-bottomed dark or white marble globes for Viso are arrangeable singly or in groups, creating a sense of suspended weight with quiet but focused illumination in a dimmable LED.

Marble Suspension

Innermost Marble Suspension LightForm Blog

Innermost has taken the image of marble and digitally printed shades to create not only apparent but actual weightlessness. Easily handled and placed, Innermost has given a lighthearted twist to this classically shaped pendant.

Doric Suspension

Innermost Doric Suspension LightForm Blog

James Barlett has taken the idea of faux marble up a notch with this Greek-inspired inversion for Innermost, a patulous seashell of a pendant shade that mixes the gravity of rose, black, or white marble with the freedom and translucence of resin sculpting.

Lightoread Floor

Parachilna Lightoread Floor LightForm Blog

Jaime Hayón neatly circled marble base contracts with his high-gloss polished diffuser with a delicate rectilinearity connecting them, providing a bright but dimmable and directed light source in casual, formal, or business environments.

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