Dancing light

With a graceful sense of wonder, a beautiful mechanical doll appears to magically come to life in the famous ballet Coppélia. In the performance the ballerina traces, with sinuous movements, a delicate after-image in the air, which inspires the fluid motion in the design of Miyake’s Coppélia Suspended Lamp. The graceful dance, staged by the three-dimensionally crossed wire structure, leads the spectator to dozens of glowing LED lights, which define the contour and the magical glow of Miyake’s new interpretation of a classic chandelier. The new suspended lamp comes to life in a whirl of flowing motion and sparkling light.

Moooi Coppelia chandelier LightForm blog
Moooi’s new chandelier comes to life in a whirl of flowing motion and sparkling light. 

Now available in North America

Following the smashing success of her dazzling European debut, Moooi’s graceful Coppélia pirouettes across the Atlantic to charm audiences in the US and Canada. Moooi’s rising star, Coppélia gives a stunning performance, garnering praise from fans far and wide. A choreography by Arihiro Miyake, 54 slender LED bulbs twirl about a delicate stainless steel frame to bring the brilliance of ballet to light. Inspired by the famous ballet of the same name, Coppélia takes the leading role in decorative lighting. Energy-efficient and UL certified, the dimmable chandelier shines bright in two sizes. The prima donna of the dining room, Coppélia flaunts a full figure, 39.8” in diameter. Measuring 26.7” wide, the new Coppélia Small is the perfect companion for intimate spaces. No matter her size, Coppélia is sure to turn any interior into a grande opera d’arte.

Moooi Coppelia suspension lamp LightForm blog

Coppélia (39.8”)
A tribute to the ballet of the same name, Arihiro Miyake’s Coppélia captures the flowing movements of a ballerina in motion. As if pirouetting across the stage, 54 LED lights twirl about a sophisticated polished stainless steel frame. The lamp’s intricate 3-tiered structure traces each and every graceful step. When it comes to lighting up a room, Coppélia is the leading lady.

Moooi Coppelia chandelier LightForm blog
Photo: Rahi Rezvani, The Dining Scene


Coppélia Small (26.7”)
In this enchanting reinterpretation of the classic chandelier, the dainty Coppélia Small gives a powerful performance. Perfect for intimate spaces, Coppélia Small sets the mood, proving once and for all that petite is beautiful.

Moooi Coppelia chandelier LightForm blog

Angles & Facts

Seeing Double
Available in two sizes, Coppélia shines bright in spaces large or small.

Balancing Act
A combination of style and technique give Coppélia her graceful structure.

Shining Stars
Coppélia turns heads with a swirling constellation of 54 LED lights.

Prima Ballerina
The Coppélia chandelier owes its name to the famous ballet.

Mathematical Mastery
Coppélia’s clever steel construction is the craftsmanship of Japanese designer Arihiro Miyake.

Moooi Coppelia chandelier LightForm blog

About Coppélia’s designer

Arihiro Miyake Coppelia LightForm blog

Arihiro Miyake is a Japanese product and interior designer who lives and works in Helsinki. Born and raised in Kobe, Japan, Miyake has a degree in graphic design from Kobe Design University and a master’s degree in furniture and spatial design from Finland’s Aalto University, where he graduated in 2002. Following stints in Helsinki and Milan, Miyake opened his eponymous studio in 2004. A jack of all trades, Miyake works internationally across all areas of interior design, from furniture and lighting to hospitality and exhibition design.

Arihiro Miyake explains how he reinterpreted the traditional chandelier using steel wire and dozens of LEDs:

Moooi’s new chandelier is now on display in LightForm’s Toronto and Vancouver lighting showrooms. Coming soon in Calgary and Edmonton.