Hand-blown Dreams

Wonderglass Calimero Chandelier LightForm blogABOVE: Dan Yeffet designed the Calimero suspension light for Wonderglass as a tribute to industrial lamps as well as luminous spheres from the past

The interaction between light and glassy surfaces has a way of forming surreal scenes. Take the reflection of the Venetian cityscape glistening on the evening water or the moment when the sun hits a lagoon. Capturing these magical instances through inventive light installations and chandeliers, Wonderglass whisks the viewer into a fantasy. Its inventive pieces pair original concepts with traditional craftsmanship, garnering praise from the artistic world and lighting industry respectively. The brand’s identity is rooted in its reputable and enduring expertise in Venetian glass blowing techniques. Under the creative leadership of New York-based artistic director Nao Tamura, Wonderglass aims to awaken emotions with lighting that has the power to alter the ambience of a room.

Wonderglass Momento Chandelier LightForm blogThe Momento luminaire by Wonderglass artistic director Nao Tamura captures the moment a bead of water transitions to a droplet 

A Network of Designers

Wonderglass Masquerade Chandelier LightForm blogThe Masquerade chandelier is designer Jaime Hayon‘s playful nod to historical Venice

Shaped by visionaries and blown by Venetian artisans, Wonderglass celebrates the possibilities of collaboration. Its lighting range is peppered with subdued colours, organic forms and the fancies of design trailblazers. Zaha Hadid’s Luma is a sculptural composition of tubular segments, hand-blown in Murano, while Jaime Hayon’s playful Masquerade chandelier is a nod to historical Venice, the epicentre of glass artistry. Nao Tamura masterfully pinpoints idyllic instants and transforms them into forms of illumination. This is seen in Fluid, a lamp that captures the moment light hits the surface of calm water. Meanwhile, his Momento luminaire celebrates the instant of transition; when a clinging bead of water becomes a droplet or when molten glass transforms from liquid to solid. Designers like Marcel Wanders, Hideki Yoshimoto, Dan Yeffet, Claesson Koivisto Rune and John Pawson round out the impressive roster.

Wonderglass Fluid Pendant Light LightForm blogNao Tamura’s Fluid suspension light captures the moment light hits the surface of calm water

The Beauty of Bespoke

Wonderglass Flow T Suspension Light LightForm blogThe Flow[T] chandelier beautifully marries traditional glassblowing with a contemporary aesthetic

Wonderglass believes in the boundless capabilities of tailor-made glass blowing. With glass being an ideal material for forming original sculptures in a spectrum of colours, options are infinite. Through its bespoke design process, Wonderglass engages in a conversation with its clients, discussing the possibilities of combining design-led creativity and with individual tastes. The Flow[T] chandelier encapsulates this fusion of glassblowing traditions with a contemporary aesthetic. Its colours and composition are inspired by the Venetian Lagoon and can be customized to the desires of each owner. After all, everyone’s dreams are a little bit different. In the right light, they can come to life.

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