The lightness of Scandinavian design

VITA Copenhagen EOS Table Light LightForm blog

The Eos Table Light in light brown adds class and elegance to this restaurant

Kindling the ethos that beautiful lamps should be accessible and sustainable, UMAGE has become a stylish powerhouse in the world of Danish design. The lighting company celebrates Scandinavian values through lighting that is affordable, eco-friendly and fashionable – a rare yet desirable combination. Every product is created with environmental care and quality craftsmanship in mind, resulting in original lamps that draw inspiration from the tranquillity of nature. From the Eos pendant light, an ethereal fixture that exquisitely floats in mid-air, to the retro-infused UMAGE Clava lampshade, the designs are organic and understated.

VITA Copenhagen Clava Pendant Light LightForm blog

UMAGE breathes new life into a retro look with the Clava pendant light designed by Søren Ravn Christensen

Good things come in small packages

VITA Copenhagen Asteria Suspension LightForm blog

The Asteria pendant (shown here in Ruby) is also available in Pearl, Anthracite, Forest, Petrol, and Saffron to compliment any colour scheme.

As part of UMAGE’s sustainable commitment, all lamps are flat-packed in sleek and elegant gift boxes. Not only does this optimize global logistics but it also reduces storage and transportation costs, making the lamps affordable and accessible. This is all part of UMAGE’s mission to reduce the design world’s carbon footprint and maximize environmental responsibility. UMAGE’s stylish gift boxes have become a fan-favourite feature, adding to the joy of interior decorating.

VITA Copenhagen Acorn Pendant Light LightForm blog

UMAGE and Jacob Rudbeck collaborated on the Acorn pendant light

Shaped by nature

VITA Copenhagen Ripples Pendant Light LightForm blog

These Ripple pendants compliment and reflect the beautiful natural view from the windows of this home

With the belief that aesthetics are just as important as functionality, UMAGE’s designs emulate the diverse Nordic landscape. Influences are drawn from the company’s architecturally stunning city of origin, Copenhagen, as well as the raw nature surrounding the Danish capital. Since beginning its journey in 2008, the company has expanded globally. Founder Søren Ravn Christensen frequently collaborates with designers such as Anders Klem and Jacob Rudbeck, leading to a diverse yet cohesive catalogue. Designs like the UMAGE Silvia lampshade, made of watercolour paper, represent the brand’s iconic aesthetic. Meanwhile, Rudbeck’s Acorn pendant light, a glass luminaire inspired by fresh forest air, experiments with a blend of industrial and natural influences. The lighting line is punctuated with high-quality materials, ranging from rigorous elements like copper, brushed brass and aluminum to soft textures created from goose feathers and felt. Through lighting fixtures that cherish the environment from concept to completion to delivery, UMAGE Copenhagen takes the harmony of Scandinavian design to a new level, infusing spaces with an appreciation for the earth’s beauty.

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