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Championing the principle of “conservation through beauty,” British lighting brand Tala creates low-energy LED lights inspired by nature. The promise of quality, long-lasting illumination has been central to the company’s DNA ever since it was founded in 2013 with the goal of using good design to mitigate climate change. While Tala lights exude the warm glow of traditional light bulbs, they actually use 90 percent less energy and last 10 to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs. In the world of Tala, light bulbs are no longer disposable items—they’re well designed glass sculptures that last a decade.


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In the “Classic” and “Feature” Collections, Tala places emphasis on providing energy-efficient lighting solutions in a variety of unique forms.

Peruse the Classic Collection and you’ll find a series of Edison-inspired decorative light bulbs inn a range of shapes and sizes, devised to retrofit the home, office, or commercial space. Contemporary influences shine in the Feature Collection, which is home to statement light bulbs in fun, playful shapes. While designed to be compatible with most standard lighting fixtures, Tala also produces its own fixtures—ranging from touch lamps to pendants—with materials, finishes, and features selected for optimal customization. The popular Porcelain III Oak Ceiling Light, for example, brings geometric harmony to interiors when hung in a uniform row, but the pendant lengths can also be adjusted to accommodate unique arrangements.

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Nature as a muse

Drawing inspiration from natural and architectural surroundings, Tala’s Design Collection blends artisanal craftsmanship with innovative forms. The Basalt Suspension Light was born out of an infatuation with the extruded rock formations the make up the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland. Matte borosilicate glass bulbs and textured pendants in various sizes and lengths are dramatically suspended from a polished brass ceiling rose, which can be seamlessly combined with multiple units to create a sophisticated constellation.


Similarly, the Voronoi Suspension Lights feature a customizable collection of giant, sculptural, mouth-blown glass bulbs, shaped to mimic the patterns seen in overlapping forest canopies.

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The largest sculptural bulb ever made, the Voronoi III suspension fixture is not only an engineering feat, but a statement design piece in its own right.


Beyond producing low-energy light bulbs, Tala aims to offset its own carbon emissions by donating a percentage of its revenue to reforestation programs around the world—proving that its passion for nature thrives in form and practice.

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