Curiosity for new materials

SLAMP has been making original and exclusive lighting designs since 1994. From its first collaboration with great international designers Mendini, Cibic, Dalisi, Garro, and Munari on the graphical and now iconic “Slamp Tube,” to its collaboration with the great Zaha Hadid on the otherworldly Aria, SLAMP has continuously produced high quality lamps, where an artisan’s eye to detail meets the excellence of industrial production.

SLAMP Aria Chandelier LightForm
Aria Suspension Lights designed by Zaha Hadid

What matters to SLAMP is to overcome itself. Always. Driven by a curiosity for new materials and the desire to experiment, SLAMP’s creative founders encourage designers to trust their instinct to create futuristic engineering solutions. Connecting every new SLAMP collection is patented and innovative materials, unique yet immediately recognizable.

SLAMP Cordoba Suspension Light at LightForm
Cordoba Chandelier designed by Daniel Libeskind

SLAMP’s lighting collections present a perfect marriage between inspiration from the great masters and visionary force, great passion and undeniable skills.

Since 1994, SLAMP has been devoted to decorative design lamps that capture the most current trends while drawing from the natural world, architecture, and developments in the art world, transforming them via sartorial virtuosity into luminous objects that are both suggestive and versatile. Every SLAMP lamp is unique and recognizable thanks to the use of patented techno-polymers which are light, noble, and unbreakable, allowing the designers to create and construct forms, embellishments, and effects otherwise impossible with other materials.

As in any haute couture atelier, the creation of aSLAMP lamp follows a precise ritual of transformation, through a system of cold cutting, slots and folds executed by had; a flat sheet of techno-polymer becomes a voluminous, three-dimensional object.

SLAMP Clizia table light LightForm
Clizia Table Lamp designed by Adriano Rachele

Today SLAMP is a point of reference for anyone wishing to possess a much sought-after, original, exclusive object.

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