Smile-inducing Italian design

A lamp with personality is as rare as it is refreshing. In the world of Seletti, the process of discovering the perfect light is heightened with a sense of surprise. The Italian design company has been synonymous with creativity ever since it was established in 1964. Today, its products exist at the junction of art, design and entertainment. At this distinct intersection, you may find the Monkey Lamp, neon alphabet lights or suspension lamps as enchanting as the moon. Even the most eccentric concepts are infused with Italian sophistication.

Seletti’s Monkey Series includes: Standing, Hanging, Sitting & Wall Versions.

Articulating the Vision

Seletti’s lighting collections have continued to evolve, highlighting the voices of renowned international and Italian designers. Iconic objects of daily life are given a unique twist, such as Studio Job’s Tiffany Tree Lamp, a quirky reinterpretation of the luxurious Art Nouveau classic. Influential designers Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel also teamed up with Seletti to transform one of their favourite fruits into a witty yet extravagant fixture. The result is The Banana Lamp, available in three models (Huey, Dewey and Louie). Designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba rounds out the wild world with animal-inspired creations such as the Monkey Lamp, Elephant Lamp and Mouse Lamp collections.

Seletti Ubiqua Suspension Light Monkey Lamp Linea Floor Light LightForm blogLEFT: Linea Floor Lamp by Selab & Alessandro Zambelli. CENTRE: Monkey Lamp by Marcantonio. RIGHT: Ubiqua by Selab, the Seletti design team.

 Even Seletti’s more restrained lighting solutions convey excitement, such as Emanuele Magini’s Multilamp, which captures the electric atmosphere of an Italian football match. Meanwhile, the elegant Turn ceiling lamp by Alessandro Zambelli unites the history of woodturning with modern minimalism. The stunning white porcelain lamps can be hung individually or in groups to create a captivating effect.

Write with Light

Seletti Alphacrete Lamps LightForm blogThe Alphacrete series, designed by BBMDS, includes every letter of the alphabet so you can mix, match, and create your own unique message

Ideal for hospitality projects, Seletti’s alphabet lights allow for the custom composition of messages. From the Neon Art collection to the retro Alphacrete lights by BBMDS, words and titles become illuminated statements. In essence, this is what every Seletti lamp is about: the freedom of blending light and art to communicate joy. Working with renowned designers yet honouring Italian excellence, the brand continues to evolve. Linking each of its whimsical designs is a dedication to bringing quality craftsmanship and exuberance to interiors around the world. In a universe where mice and monkeys wield LED light bulbs, happiness seems infinite.

About Seletti

The entertainer of the design world, Seletti dares to dream when it comes to its range of original lighting. The result is a surreal circus filled with lamps shaped like monkeys, bananas, flowers and elephants—each one reflective of the brand’s unique blend of humour and Italian excellence. Since its inception in 1954, Seletti has regularly collaborated with top-tier international talent including designers Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, Studio Job, BBMDS and Studio Badini. From its fun take on the luxurious Tiffany Lamp to its stylish selection of alphabet lights, a glimmer of delight is always present. For this reason, Seletti is an ideal choice for illuminating design hotels, stylish restaurants or residential projects in need of an imaginative expression.

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