Illuminating Nordic Wood

Secto 4201 Pendant Light LightForm
Secto’s 4201 Pendant Lights

Born out of a shared respect for northern timber and Scandinavian minimalism, Secto Design lights up Finnish traditions with its handcrafted wooden lamps. Just like the resilient Birch tree, the Helsinki-based company’s products are delicate yet strong. With the belief that every light should beckon viewers to come closer, internationally acclaimed designer and architect Seppo Koho creates fixtures that invite a second glance. Clean lines juxtapose soft luminosity, creating lamps that feel natural and modern. Secto has long honoured Finland’s woodworking traditions and design trailblazers like Alvar Aalto through its enduring fixtures. Sustainability has also always been at the heart of its mandate. The company takes a progressive approach by consciously choosing local manufacturers and materials like PEFC certified Finnish Birch.

Secto Petite 4620 Table Light LightForm
Petite 4620 Table Light

Secto Design’s foray into the world of lighting began in the mid-1990s. At the time, founder Tuula Jusélius was producing furniture made of innovative glue-laminated wood. When her clients began requesting lamps that complemented the company’s Nordic aesthetic, she realized there was a lack of quality wooden lamps on the market. After connecting with designer Seppo Koho over a shared love of Finnish woodworking, the kindred spirits began working on Secto’s first lighting solution. The result was the company’s Secto pendant lamp, a pure and luminous piece that’s still a pillar of the collection. The launch of Octo, Victo, Puncto, Kontro, Owalo, and the latest, the spiralling Aspiro, soon followed. Today, the collection is widely sought after, with 85 percent of its elegant wood lamps being exported globally.

Secto Aspiro 8000 Chandelier LightForm
Aspiro 8000 Chandelier

Manufacturing each lamp by hand, Secto collaborates with cabinetmaker Heikki Saastamoinen. The production process involves formpressing, cutting and sanding Finnish birch veneers. The slats are then connected to form sculptural shades. The light source is hidden inside the formation, creating a soft radiance.

Secto Teelo Table Lamp LightForm
Teelo Table Lamp

Secto Design lamps can be spotted in various locations around the world including airports, embassies, museums, corporate offices and residential projects. It’s remarkable how a touch of nature can transform a space into a welcoming oasis. Finland has long referred to their Birch wood as “green gold”. Thanks to Secto, the design world at large can now bask in its gilded glow.

Secto Owalo 7000 Suspension Light LightForm
Owalo 7000 Suspension Light

Visit a LightForm lighting showroom to learn more about Secto’s lighting collections and to see them on display.

Download Secto Design’s 2016 decorative lighting catalogue.