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Santa & Cole Cestita Bateria Table Lamp LightForm
Cestita Bateria Table Lamps designed by Miguel Milá

At Santa & Cole, scrutinizing everyday objects is an art form. The independent Barcelona-based company works in over 70 countries to bring its curated body of well-designed products to market. From indoor household lighting to urban elements, Santa & Cole’s catalogue is as vast as it is precise. Since 1985, the group has been focused on generating high-quality products that improve public and private surroundings. Part of their modus operandi as editors is to outsource 100 per cent of the industrial production to an extensive network of skilled suppliers in Spain and abroad. The result is a wide-ranging portfolio that supports a vital philosophy: to select rather than accumulate; to choose quality over quantity; to share not to show.

Santa & Cole Tekio Suspension Light LightFormTekio lighting system in collaboration with the best artisans from Japan

Over 80 designers have contributed to Santa & Cole’s catalogue. Fresh voices intermix with renowned talents, resulting in an intriguing multi-generational, international medley. On one hand, classic lamps from Spanish contemporary design legends like Miguel Milá shine with simple but essential grace. On the other hand, a new generation of talents like London-based designer Anthony Dickens reveal curving, conceptual creations. It’s a beautiful thing when diverse and original lighting solutions can exist in the same universe. Concurrently, the company is vehement in protecting its designers’ intellectual property. In addition to selecting the best and brightest products, it analyzes the significance and implications of material culture. An environment filled with pleasing and useful products can bring joy to our existence.

Santa & Cole Gira Table Light LightForm
Gira Table Light with new brass shade designed by Massana, Tremoleda, and Ferrer

Lighting is arguably one of the most personal of these products, as it can define our daily mood and outlook. As a result, Santa & Cole strives to generate lasting and efficient lighting products in limited quantities. From lamps that reflect the artisan-driven design scene of Barcelona in the 1970s to contemporary luminaires created during the wake of the LED revolution, every Santa & Cole product has a distinct appeal. Being a creator comes with great responsibility that should not to be taken lightly. At the end of the day, Santa & Cole aims to conceive honest lamps that reflect of worldly inspirations; lamps that will continue to satisfy for years to come.

Santa & Cole Cirio Lineal Chandelier LightForm
Cirio Lineal Chandelier by Antoni Arola

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Download Santa & Cole’s 2017 catalogue here.