An Icon of Italian Design

Oluce Atollo Table Light LightForm

Atollo Metal Light designed by Vico Magistretti

Merging intrepid concepts with traditional elegance, lighting brand Oluce has spent decades cultivating an unrivalled portfolio of award-winning lamps. Established in 1945 by Giuseppe Ostuni, Oluce remains Italy’s oldest lighting design company that is still active today. And yet, the brand continues to persevere with refreshing relevancy. Known for working with the most influential Italian and international designers, Oluce has consistently reinvigorated its aesthetic for the modern market. At the same time, many of its classic collections are still applauded for their timeless shapes and sleek finishes, proving that truly exceptional design can carry a brand into a new era.

Oluce Sonora Gold Suspension Light LightForm

Sonora Suspension Light designed by Vico Magistretti

Oluce found early success in 1951 at the 9th Triennale in Milan with an indirect incandescent light designed by Franco Buzzi. At the time, there were only a few lighting design companies (chiefly Arteluce, Azucena and Oluce) that were dominating the Italian scene. This created a unique hub for the company’s thought leaders to animate the Milanese forum. Among the brightest was Tito Agnoli, who achieved great success for several of his Oluce lamps including the groundbreaking Agnoli model. The spotlight lamp, supported on a slender stem, marked the rise of streamlined floor lamps in the mid-1950s. Oluce eventually attracted the attention of the Joe and Gianni Colombo, a dynamic sibling duo known for their designs that merged functionality and art. The collaboration led to Oluce winning a gold medal at the 13th Triennale, solidifying its position as one of Italy’s top lighting design companies.

Oluce Busnelli Floor Lamp LightForm

Coupé designed by  Joe Colombo

In recent years, the now-classic models by the Colombo brothers and Tito Agnoli live alongside creations by a new wave of collaborators. Designers like Laudani & Romanelli, Angeletti & Ruzza, Astori De Ponti, Jörg Boner and Nendo have paved the way with their thought-provoking concepts. Recent projects with innovative lighting specialists Giopato & Coombes, architect Victor Vasilev and Japanese design duo Mist-o have since propelled Oluce to a revolutionary new level. Constantly moving forward yet never eschewing its sophistication, the company continues to build on its reputation for excellence. Like poetry illuminated, Oluce’s creative output continues to flow, making it one of Italy’s most notable lighting producers.

Oluce Stones Outdoor Lamps Lightform

Stones Outdoor Lamp designed by Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli

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