Normann Copenhagen

Daring Danish Design

Breathing new life into familiar shapes, Normann Copenhagen proves that intelligent lighting need not be convoluted. The Denmark-based design company has excelled in creating original luminaires, furniture and home accessories that challenge the status quo of contemporary design. In the Normann Copenhagen universe, even the simplest forms project personality—turning a range of products into a cast of lively characters.

Normann CopenhagenNorm 69 Lamp Series Suspension LightForm Blog

Norm 69 designed by Simon Karkov

Established in 1999 by Jan Andersen and Poul Madsen, the brand started its journey with lighting. The very first product to be released was the Norm 69 self-assembly lamp designed by Simon Karkov. Consisting of 69 parts that could be easily put together without tools or glue, the flexible lamp served as a benchmark for modern lighting and is still relevant today. Since then, Normann Copenhagen has continued to challenge conventional thinking with its futuristic statement pieces. The Norm 06 and Norm 12 lamps give the self-assembly model a romantic touch through their floral-inspired shapes. Ever-present is the Danish preference for lampshades that shelter the bulb to diffuse a mild glow.


Eye-catching Expressions

Normann Copenhagen Amp Lamps Suspension LightForm Blog

Amp Lamps Collection by Simon Legald

In a sea of glass chandeliers and geometric pendants, Normann Copenhagen manages to reinvigorate beloved mainstays. Often, this is a result of inspiration striking at the perfect moment. Take the nostalgic yet contemporary Amp collection by Simon Legald. While restoring a vintage 1960s radio at home, the designer came up with the idea to create a lamp that mimicked the oval shape of the radio’s tube amplifier. The mixture of high-quality glass and marble creates a dichotomy of fragility and weight that works beautifully in the pendant, chandelier or table lamp form.


The Artistic Direction of Light

Normann Copenhagen IKONO Suspension LightForm Blog

Ikono Pendant by Simon Legald

Normann Copenhagen’s products provide more than just interesting shapes and clever backstories—they brilliantly radiate. The brand’s lamps feature special details to ensure light is pleasantly diffused or can be easily fixed in a specific direction. Standouts like the Ikono pendant feature two steel shades in matching tones. Light is directed by the top shade while the lower shade ensures anti-dazzle. Details like these have earned Normann Copenhagen over 80 design awards, solidifying the brand as an innovator of Scandinavian design.


About Normann Copenhagen

Giving a new face to Scandinavian simplicity, Normann Copenhagen is a producer of bold lighting that bends conventions. The Danish design brand is known to initiate intriguing juxtapositions, creating lights that are delicate yet durable, geometric yet unexpected, nostalgic yet futuristic. Established in 1999, the brand began its foray into lighting with the multi-faceted Norm 69 lamp by Simon Karkov. Today, its range of luminaires has expanded to include perspectives from leading international designers including Marc Venot, Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri, and Kaschkasch. Sculptural pendant lights and table lamps are rendered in high-quality materials such as marble, glass and steel. With every new collection, Normann Copenhagen explores the versatility of illumination and geometry, conceptualizing a more brilliant tomorrow.

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Download the Normann Copenhagen Catalogue here.