Impeccable design

Lightnet is everything you would expect from a German manufacturer: impeccable design, innovative technology, and precise craftsmanship. Ideal when you require aesthetically pleasing, functional, and energy-efficient luminaires, Lightnet’s lighting collections include a full range of wall-mounted, surface-mounted, recessed-mounted, and suspended luminaires for commercial and institutional settings.

Lightnet 1 Liquid Line

 Lightnet’s Matric M-3 Recessed Wall Light

Freedom of expression: Characterized by a systematic and variable abundance of forms, Lightnet’s collections offers significant freedom as their light series use different forms of expression, while the program as a whole is based on a stringent concept with its own intrinsic logic. Sizes, proportions, surfaces, optics, and colour temperatures have been precisely attuned to each other so that the appropriate combination for each architectural requirement can be chosen not only from one series but from the entire range. Multiple size options offer the possibility of custom-tailored concepts, providing architects and planners with the necessary freedom to realize their ideas.

Lightnet 3 Matric

Lightnet’s Matric M-1 Recessed Ceiling Light

Technology you can trust: Early on, Lightnet recognized the potential of LEDs and built its own production plants and assembly lines. At Lightnet’s production plant, everything has been united under one roof: from the software-aided board layout development and temperature simulation, via construction of prototypes by means of rapid-prototyping and their own production of circuit boards, to highly modern SMD pick and place machines and lighting and electro-technical test laboratories. Lightnet is flexible in adapting to the individual requirements of architecture by providing custom-tailored solutions.

Collaborative solutions: As a multidisciplinary team, Lightnet is united by the fascination for the immaterial building matter that is light: physicists, lighting technicians, and product designers accompany the complex development process in close coordination with design engineers, electronic technicians, and production technologists.

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