An Enlightened Imagination

Kenneth Cobonpue Constellation Suspension Light LightForm blog

Kenneth Cobonpue’s Constellation Suspension light

It’s impossible to gaze at Kenneth Cobonpue‘s lighting fixtures without being transported to a faraway, whimsical world. Since launching his eponymous brand, the award-winning Filipino designer has attracted worldwide attention for his lighting fixtures that blend craft techniques and natural materials with innovative technologies. The company’s expressive pieces often deviate from what is traditionally associated with modern design, infusing rooms with a fresh sense of artistic elegance.

Kenneth Cobonpue Halo Floor Lamp LightForm blog

The Halo floor lamp, as delicate and elegant as a ballerina

A Worldly Approach

Kenneth Cobonpue Kai Floor Lamp LightForm blog

The Kai floor lamp provides soft, ambient light from an elegant arching stem

Kenneth Cobonpue’s creations reveal the discerning eye of a world traveller. The creative director’s career has bridged several continents. After studying industrial design at the Pratt Institute in New York, Cobonpue went on to apprentice for a leather and wood workshop near Florence, Italy and later studied and worked in Germany. While he returned home to Cebu, Philippines in 1996 to manage a furniture design and manufacturing company, he has never ceased to be inspired by international influences.

Kenneth Cobonpue Dragon Table Lamp LightForm blog

Designer Luisa Robinson’s iconic Dragon’s Tail Table Lamp for Kenneth Cobonpue

Today, the Kenneth Cobonpue brand is distinguished by its distinctive lighting solutions created in collaboration with world-renowned designers. From the hand-folded origami Dragon’s Tail Table Lamp by Luisa Robinson to the Flamenco dancer-inspired Fandango Hanging Lamp by Danny Fang, the brand’s collections are as conceptual as they are functional. Many of the lamps have a storybook quality, reflecting the delight of designers at play.

Kenneth Cobonpue Fandango Suspension Light LightForm blog

The Flamenco dancer-inspired Fandango Hanging Lamp designed by Danny Fang

Mastering Materials

Kenneth Cobonpue Little People Suspension Light LightForm blog

Kenneth Cobonpue surrounded by sculpted figures from the Little People suspension light

One of the key elements that make Kenneth Cobonpue’s lights so unique is the brand’s ability to combine natural fibres with imaginative forms. Whether it’s a table lamp created from naturally dyed and hand-knitted cotton rope or a lantern crafted from woven rattan, the organic materials shine.

Kenneth Cobonpue Carousel Suspension Light LightForm blog

Woven rattan used in the stunning Carousel Lanterns

Integrating nature with traditional crafts and new technologies, Kenneth Cobonpue has earned widespread recognition for his expressive pieces. Awards to his credit include five Japan Good Design Awards, the grand prize at Singapore International Design Competition and the Design for Asia Award of Hong Kong. In 2007, TIME magazine called him “rattan’s first virtuoso” and in 2014, he was named the Designer of the Year in the first edition of Maison et Objet Asia. With a seemingly infinite supply of creativity, Kenneth Cobonpue’s lighting solutions never fail to surprise.

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