An Organic Innovation

Set in the countryside between Barcelona and France, El Torrent produces pioneering designs inspired by its workshop’s picturesque location. Natural shapes serve as a constant inspiration, resulting in handmade lamps that naturally adapt to any space.

Left: Koord Suspension Lamp & Right: Koord Outdoor Table Lamp by Eloy Puig

The family-run company has embraced artisanal techniques since 1997, creating synergy with the environment, imagination and art. Designer and co-founder Eloy Puig believes that light is not fixed, but a multi-faceted force that represents emotion and life. This notion, paired with a desire to experiment with new materials, has resulted in lamps that capture illumination at its purest form. Puig’s first creation was a lamp made from a pumpkin—the epitome of organic inspiration. Today, the company collaborates with renowned designers including Seriesnemo, Estudi Ribaudí and Pete Sans.


Capturing Light’s Versatility

While observing the shadow play caused by light falling over a cord chair, Puig conceptualized the El Torrent’s eminent Koord series. The family of luminaires is exceptionally varied due to the infinite amount of forms that can be created from braided cord. As a result, the lamps can be hung indoors or outdoors, transmitting handcrafted warmth to any atmosphere. The collection features a range of suspension, floor, wall, ceiling, outdoor and portable lamps in a vibrant spectrum of colours and shapes.

Koord Series by designer Eloy Puig

El Torrent’s lighting collections are connected to the company’s ethos of capturing the vital environment using artisanal methods. Take the Swell pendant lamp by Series Nemo, a suspension light that evokes tranquillity with its beech wood body and curved satin polyethylene lampshade. Modern classics like the dome-shaped Eva pendant lamp round out the collection. Meanwhile, lights like Andreu Carulla’s crystal fusion Oda pendant lamp push the boundaries of contemporary design.


Swell Suspension Lamp by Series Nemo

With the ability to create custom combinations, El Torrent’s lighting solutions are designed to suit public and private spaces with ease. Naturally, the brand’s iconic luminaires can be found in several high-end restaurants, offices, boutiques and residential projects around the world. The company has garnered global attention while remaining true to its artisanal roots; eschewing machines in favour of skilful hands. With each collection, El Torrent transmits the essential warmth of light to urban interiors.

El Torrent

Shaped by the organic influences of the Spanish countryside, El Torrent captures the natural interaction between light and space. Since 1997, the family-run company has focused on innovating artisanal techniques in its specialized workshop. Rustic brilliance has influenced some of El Torrent’s most contemporary designs, such as the Koord family. Emulating the shadow play that occurs when light interacts with geometric objects, the colourful collection adds texture and depth to any atmosphere. In addition to original creations by co-founder and designer Eloy Puig, the company often collaborates with multidisciplinary designers including Seriesnemo, Estudi Ribaudí, Joan Genebat and Pete Sans. Combining brilliant minds with environmental observations, El Torrent embodies the place where craft and innovation converge.

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