DGA was born in 1989 as a company specialized in the design and production of high quality fibre optics systems. Very quickly it becomes a reference for all the lighting designers of this sector, that are still contributing to diffuse this lighting system around the world. In 2001 the company started to invest in the Power Leds world, having the intuition that this new technology would have important developments in the future. At that time, nobody believed in it! One year later, the first product series was launched. They represented the starting-point of a collection showed initially in Milan in 2004: innovative luminaries, elegant and minimalist at the same time, resembling the forms of real gems and based on a DGA’s patent new technology.

DGA lighting at LightForm

Passion, simplicity, quality have, in a way, created unique products that give lighting solutions with Power Leds for museums, historical or modern buildings, pools, fountains, statues, showcases, … Power_Led, DGA’s patented, lighting system ensures an excellent heat transfer between the LED junction and the aluminium frame, thus providing high reliability and allowing DGA products to be used in most demanding applications. Moreover guarantees low energy consumption, excellent Colour Rendering Index, high resistance, No UV rays emission, totally absence of heat dissipation, an extremely long lifetime, unsurpassed quality and performance, together with a minimum space requirement.

DGA 2 Ghiera normale

Nowadays, DGA continues to grow up steadily following carefully the constant developments of the Power Leds technology. The master catalogue contains several collections in which lighting designers and architects may find a wide range of suitable products for any kind of lighting projects, to enhance and customize their work while remaining faithful to an elegant and minimalist design. DGA products represent a reference point for Italian and foreign designers and thank to an expanding sales network are available in almost all continents.

DGA 1 Assembly

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