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DCW Éditions Lampe Gras Wall Light LightForm blog

Lampe Gras Wall Light by DCW Éditions

Interior design moves in cycles. Breathing new life into classic luminaires, DCW Éditions propels heritage products into the future. The French lighting brand is renowned for bringing the inventions of trailblazers to light and modernizing retro lamps. Many designs are reminiscent of decor you would see on the silver screen or in an intriguing space-age universe.  

Lamps Rooted in History

DCW Éditions Les Acrobates de Gras Pendant Light LightForm blog

DCW Éditions Les Acrobates de Gras Pendant Lights calls to mind the charms of the circus

DCW Éditions sprung onto the lighting scene when it began producing the work of inventor Bernard-Albin Gras, most famous for his GRAS lamp. During the 1920s, the ergonomic fixture was widely lauded for spearheading the modern lighting movement of the 20th century. Paris-based Gras began experimenting with lighting solutions that could be suited to both professional and residential settings. The result was a series of lamps that had strong architectural and industrial influences. These lamps soon garnered attention from other designers, such as Le Corbusier, who used them to illuminate his studio. Reviving a historical piece of design, DCW Éditions’ GRAS lamp has become a timeless and sought-after collector’s item all over the world.

DCW Éditions Here Comes the Sun Pendant Light LightForm blog

Here Comes the Sun pendant radiates a magical aura in any space

In 2013, the brand continued down its antique revival path by launching Bernard Schottländer’s 1951 Mantis lamps, a mobile sculptural homage to Alexander Calder. Later, they gave the 1970s some love with the release of Here Comes the Sun, a hanging lamp with a magical aura.

DCW Éditions Mantis BS1 B Floor Lamp LightForm blog

Bernard Schottländer’s 1951 Mantis floor lamp, an homage to Alexander Calder

Transporting Viewers

DCW Éditions In the Tube Wall Lamp LightForm blog

This In The Tube wall lamp is reminiscent of a James Bond gadget

In recent years, DCW Éditions has produced a range of contemporary lights that provide a clever connection to the rich history of design. A few of its standouts include In The Tube, a series of high-performance lights that look like gadgets out of James Bond movie, and Les Acrobates de Gras, a collection that evokes the charms of the circus.

Ilia Potemine’s ultramodern ISP Lamp for DCW Éditions

2017 saw the launch of the ISP Lamp designed by Ilia Potemine, a promising young engineer and artist. With a sharp eye for new talent, DCW Éditions has flagged Potemine as a designer that future generations will admire and collect. The ISP works like a ‘light shuttle’, bringing viewers into an ultramodern space that simultaneously honours the bygone days. Through these illuminations, DCW Éditions creates not only lighting fixtures, but also portals to the past and future.

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