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Davide Groppi Tetatet Portable Table Light LightForm

Tetatet Table Light designed by Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi’s lamps don’t just illuminate, they tell stories. Light in the hands of the Italian designer is transformed into a visual metaphor, leading to solutions that seduce viewers and stimulate spaces. The aim is always to invent products that have never been made before. To achieve this goal, Groppi and his team start every project with a concept that inspires creation, focusing on the human element. As a result, his designs tend to excite the imagination, even in those who may not be traditionally artistic. Simplicity, weightlessness, emotion and creative ingenuity are just a few of the fundamental ingredients in Groppi’s recipe for brilliance.

Davide Groppi Moon Pendant Light LightForm

Davide Groppi’s Moon Suspension Light

Groppi’s story began in a small laboratory in the historical town of Piacenza, Italy during the late 1980s. Creative independence paired with passion and a non-conformist approach eventually led him to develop his own brand. Today, Groppi distributes his products globally and works on special projects including the illumination of houses, shops, hotels, museums and installations. Hospitality is one of his specialities, leading him to light the restaurants of several Michelin-starred chefs such as Massimo Bottura and Massimiliano Alajmo. Art collectors often approach Groppi looking to illuminate their works of art. As a result, he has developed a range of lightweight and adaptable solutions that complement gallery spaces.

Davide Groppi PoPuP Table Light LightForm

PoPuP Orchestra Table Light

From the ingenious PoPuP (a rechargeable lamp that provides both light and music anywhere, anytime) to his playful Movie lamp, which casts illumination in infinite hues, Groppi’s lights are infused with an element of interaction. Many of his creations, including the Pablo and Edison lighting devices, pay homage to history’s greatest innovators, visualizing an intersection of past and future contexts. This experimental approach has earned him an Edida Award, Design Plus Award, and numerous ADI Compasso d’Oro Awards.

Davide Groppi Mister Floor Lamp LightForm

Mister Floor Lamp designed by Omar Carraglia

Collaborating with specialized technicians, Groppi embraces artisanal techniques like glass blowing and the use of traditional materials such as Japanese paper. However, he’s never been one to strictly follow conventional rules when it comes to defining his products. This is the magic behind his designs. While they appear simple on the surface, the deeper value is in their ability to endlessly provoke curiosity.

Davide Groppi Profumo D'Estate Outdoor Light LightForm

Davide Groppi’s Tetatet Flûte Table Light

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