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Cerno Camur Suspension LightForm blogCamur Suspension light designed by Cerno

Elemental and articulate, Cerno lighting fixtures have a way of anchoring a room with timeless appeal. Perhaps it was its founders’ proximity to the ocean that influenced the company’s fluid design sense. With unfettered access to beaches, salt water and sun, the Cerno story began with the adventures of three boys in Laguna Beach. Back then, Nick Sheridan, Dan Wacholder, and Bret Englander bonded over childhood projects and design experiments. With a thriving creative culture, Laguna Beach’s natural environment was their playground. One of the trio’s first professional collaborations was a proposal for an LED light installation for the 2010 Winter Olympics. This experience led them to embark on one of their greatest ventures yet: launching Cerno in 2009.

Cerno Camur Suspension Manufacturing LightForm blog
Cerno artisan hard at work

The creative muscle

Cerno Silva Floor Lamp LightForm blog
The Silva LED Floor Lamp, designed by Sheridan for Cerno

Cerno’s passion for energy efficient lighting design is powered by the belief that human ingenuity knows no bounds. Each product is a celebration of the company’s inventive minds at work. Whether it’s the elegant Silva LED Floor Lamp, designed by Sheridan, or the Ignis Pendant Light created in collaboration with ICRAVE, Cerno’s pieces gleam with authenticity. The founders have always been fascinated with the process of transforming a lofty concept into a fully functional, tangible light source. Their brand name, a Latin verb meaning, “To resolve, distinguish, decide, sift, determine or perceive” aptly captures this pursuit.

Cerno Ignis Pendant LightForm blog
Ignis Pendant lights designed in collaboration with ICRAVE

Cerno honours the most important step of the design process: believing that something that does not exist can exist. Although the founders were all influenced by different sources, all three have a shared appreciation for Wacholder’s grandfather, Steve. Growing up on a rural homestead where objects were created or fixed on-site, Steve literally built his own life. With that kind of drive, it’s no wonder he lived to the ripe old age of 101.

Cerno Muto Suspension LightForm blog
Cerno’s elegant and geometric Muto Suspension Light

An efficient output

Cerno Designers LightForm blog
Cerno’s design team, keeping the American dream alive

The American dream is alive and well, but it takes a skilled group of people to keep it ignited. With an extensive catalogue of LED lighting solutions ranging from pendant lamps to bedside sconces, Cerno is constantly innovating on the essence of contemporary design. Pairing the wild swirls of walnut woodgrain with rigorous geometric lines, Cerno lamps are organically intriguing, yet always refined.

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