The art lover’s lighting collection.

Based in Lombardy, Italy, Catellani & Smith is a lighting design studio experimenting with new materials, shadow, and the influence of nature to create works of art that take into account the importance of energy efficiency. Established in 1989 by Enzo Catellani, today it is a leading company in the lighting sector, unique for its position in the craft industry where it also remains in tune with the most advanced technology.

Catellani Smith 1 Fil-de-Fer

Catellani’s Fil de Fer Floor Light

The tradition of handcrafted luxury remains at the heart of the art-meets-lighting collection from Italian artist Enzo Catellani (Smith was his horse, Logan Smith). Sculptural and delicate, Enzo Catellani’s designs create hypnotic lighting effects while standing as art objects.


Catellani & Smith’s PostKrisi Pendant

Ideal for residential or hospitality spaces, Catellani & Smith’s lighting collection ranges from exquisite pendants to wall and ceiling lights that celebrate the dance between light and shadow.  The collection also includes subtle task lighting that provides powerful illumination—great for lighting art pieces or dark corners.


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