Streamlining Everyday Life

In an era of fast consumption, a product that shines for decades—eclipsing trends and enhancing daily life—is a treasured find. Enter Artek, a Finnish design company built on lasting functionalism. The brand was founded in 1935 by four visionaries: Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen, and Nils-Gustav Hahl. Today, their manifesto continues to live on through furniture and lighting that celebrates the synthesis of art, architecture and modern living.

Artek A330S Golden Bell Pendant Suspension LightForm Blog

Golden Bell A330S Suspension by designer Alvar Aalto

Artek’s most celebrated products live and breathe the spirit of architect Alvar Aalto. His passion for blending modernism, humanity and nature is evident in his thoughtfully composed designs. Together with Artek’s collective of architects, artists and theorists, Aalto aimed to rationalize environments with high-quality interior elements.

Iconic Lights by Alvar Aalto

Artek Grenade A110 Suspension Lamp LightForm Blog

Artek’s Grenade A110 Suspension and Floor Light A808 designed by Alvar Aalto

Owning an Artek lamp is like possessing a piece of history, as each model holds a special place in the company’s storied timeline. Take the Hand Grenade A110 Suspension lamp, originally designed for the Finnish Engineer’s Association building. The streamlined pendant comprises two cylinders and an upward-reflecting illumination. An added touch is the perforated steel ring, through which light is diffused, reflecting downwards. Artek’s penchant for ambient lighting is also seen in the Golden Bell A330S Suspension, Aalto’s answer to stylish lighting for Helsinki’s Savoy Restaurant in 1936. The brass lamp was such a success that it was later shown in the Finnish Pavilion at the Paris World Expo in 1937, and has since become as an Artek classic.


A Brilliant Legacy

Artek The Beehive A331 Suspension lamp LightForm Blog

Artek’s Beehive A331 Suspension lamp by Alvar Aalto

Carrying on the creative torch of its founders, Artek is steadfast in investing in sustainable designs, systems and standards. As a result, its manufacturing process is meticulous—ensuring that every finish is exquisite and every shape refined. Thanks to the company’s longevity, many of Artek’s products remain sought-after collector’s pieces. The Beehive A331 Suspension lamp, for example, has earned global appeal for its signature shape presented in white aluminum. Its illumination is tastefully filtered through polished brass plated steel rings. Designed to complement architecture and simplify life, Artek lights naturally balance any space. Whether placed in a dining room, office or lounge, a touch of Aalto’s vision is always present—fostering a cerebral atmosphere for conversations to flow.

About Artek

Artek represents more than just functional design; it denotes the resourceful spirit of Finland’s most influential architects, designers and art connoisseurs. The Helsinki-based design company was founded in 1935 by Nordic trailblazers Alvar and Aino Aalto, Maire Gullichsen and Nils-Gustav Hahl. The innovative collective had an objective to revolutionize interiors by infusing everyday objects with rationality, substance and long-term durability. These tenets can still be found in many of Artek’s products designed by Aalto including the Hand Grenade A110 and Beehive A331 suspension lamps. In the spirit of its founders, Artek remains dedicated to sustainable, high-quality manufacturing. Every Artek light is designed to live on for decades, ensuring the enduring relevance of its timeless forms.

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