Ares is one of the world’s foremost outdoor architectural lighting manufacturers. Since its beginnings in 1994, Ares has stood out for its great creativity and strong commitment to the constant innovation of the outdoor lighting market. Ares offers quality products manufactured with pure materials: aluminium, stainless steel and glass. Great attention is paid to light sources as Ares aims to increase environmental awareness and protection by producing highly functional and energy efficient fixtures. Each creation is a challenge as the team at Ares strives to understand, analyze and reach harmony and fusion between structure, light, architecture and setting.

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Ares’ Hyperion surface-mounted wall light

Improvement is a driving force at Ares, and it is precisely why the company is now one of the leading manufacturers in the outdoor architectural lighting market. They believe consumers are more and more aware of the many advantages of efficient and effective lighting and desire a product that is also beautifully designed. Beauty and functionality are in compliance with the ethic and moral standards at Ares and they design to meet the tastes and demands of customers in their everyday life.

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In 2010 the Ares LED department opened with a complete assembly line for LED modules. Ares now has a 12,000 square metre factory including a research and development office, a technical laboratory and a renewed painting facility at the forefront of technology and environmental protection.

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Ares’ Emma surface-mounted wall light

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