LightForm is a passionate advocate for well-lit spaces.

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About LightForm

LightForm is a passionate advocate for well-lit spaces. With a keen understanding of lighting’s power to influence the ways in which we feel, behave, and even interact, LightForm continuously applies evolving lighting technology to bring shape to the spaces in which we live. Using knowledge gained through years of lighting commercial, residential, and hospitality projects, LightForm’s goal is to educate and inspire Canada’s design professionals.

LightForm began bringing a select few, well-made and well-designed lighting brands to Edmonton, Alberta in 1987. Encouraged by the enthusiastic reception and increasing demand for well-designed luminaires amongst the city’s interior designers, architects, and design enthusiasts, LightForm continued to seek out partnerships with lighting manufacturers that were exemplary producers – those who led the industry in craftsmanship as well as innovation in design.

More than 20 years later, LightForm is a leading national lighting supplier with five offices and four flagship showrooms across Canada. Showcasing some of the most unique and iconic lighting collections in the world, LightForm’s showrooms in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto provide designers and architects with the space and expertise they need for their residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

The People You’ll Meet at LightForm

We are an educated and passionate team of qualified lighting consultants who help people bridge the gap between lighting technology and design. We have a long-standing interest in the history of the brands we sell and the culture of design that surrounds them.

Our philosophy has always centred on minimizing the distance between the A&D community and the manufacturers we work with. It allows us to provide the most direct and accurate access to technical information, customization, the most competitive pricing, and increased transparency from factory to project.

Relationships are everything. Establishing and maintaining strong partnerships with our clients and aligning ourselves with the commitments and philosophies of our manufacturers means that we care about product performance and are committed to providing the best customer service.

LightForm is a team of lighting specialists dedicated to providing Canada’s design professionals with the resources, support, and expertise they need to light their commercial, hospitality, and residential projects.

Come visit one of our showrooms for support on your next lighting project.