Transform your long spaces with inspired linear lights

Looking to illuminate a difficult space with a lighting solution that combines style and function? Welcome to the world of linear lights. There are a variety of styles to consider, ranging from bright to diffuse, subtle to stylish. Whatever the atmosphere you want to create, read on to find the right fit for your needs.

Don’t get discouraged by a narrow space

Linear lights are great for solving headaches that come along with difficult or unusual spaces, including long, narrow rooms or high-ceilinged areas. Depending on a space’s dimensions, needs and uses, there are a number of different lighting options to choose from in order to create plenty of character without sacrificing usefulness.

Why choose linear?

Linear lights fulfill a number of different functions. First, the right model can give your space a modern aesthetic, and dress up an otherwise drab or dull area. They also give the illusion of length, making a space appear longer and more generous without taking away from the its warmth of coziness.

These aren’t the fluorescent institutional tube lights of your childhood. Linear lights have come a long way and are now crafted in stylish iterations that inspire your visitors.

B15 from from Parachilna

Parachilna B15 linear lights at LightForm


The B15 is the perfect solution for a designer looking to add clean, modern appeal to a space. This model was designed by an architect, and combines practicality with creative inspiration.

Parachilna B15 Linear Lights at LightForm

Comprised of a single long heavy seamless cut of extruded crystal class that dangles elegantly from two delicate cables, this linear light is impressive to behold and easy to admire. Though its lines are minimalist and modern, it’s warm enough to be used in home or office. It employs a T5 bulb which offers bright light, excellent colour rendering, and a long life. Options include a cooler 3500K or a warmer 2700K bulb, depending on your needs. A dimmer can also be added to give the option of extra ambiance for areas such as dining rooms.

Endless from Roll & Hill

Roll and Hill Endless Linear Lights at LightForm

At the intersection of edgy graphic design and architecture emerges the Endless linear light from Roll & Hill, a memorable, character-rich installation which puts beauty front and centre. With an unforgettable industrial look, this light offers a variety of different finishes so designers can personalize it for their space. The Endless comes in two lengths (three or five units) but can also be customized for extra length, turned corners, or wall pieces. It provides a warm 2700K light that lends itself well to residential applications. This lighting level is strong enough to illuminate a hallway or kitchen sink, but is also sufficiently diffuse to use for ambient purposes.

Roll and Hill Endless Linear Lights at LightForm

The Endless is available in 120 or 240 volt LED lamping, which provides excellent energy efficiency. The combination of aluminum, acrylic, and wood composition is notably stylish, while the opportunities for customization make it easy to imagine in any number of unique spaces. Designed by Jason Miller.

Prop light from Moooi

Moooi Prop Linear Lights at LightForm

Two trendy Toronto restaurants have recently embraced the fun, playful effect of the Moooi Prop light and on first glance, it’s easy to see why this beautiful, imaginative, and versatile design has begun to capture industry attention.

Moooi Prop Linear Lights at LightForm

With different options for up-down or horizontal mounting, the Prop light creates celebrity-level lighting for any space. Its bulbs can be placed in a manner to create ambient light propped against a ceiling or wall, or fully stacked to create targeted illumination. Designed by Bertjan Pot.

Using LED lights that are diffused through specially designed optics, this fixture comes available in 2000K to 2700K temperature, with a strength of 100 to 240V.

Gable from Innermost

Innermost Gable Linear Lights pendant at LightForm

Thanks to the Gable’s hard-working but elegant design this functional piece will draw attention. Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED bulbs give this crisp, white light a long life that will elevate the look and feel of your commercial space. Though its 4000k colour temperature renders colours accurately and intensely, the Gable’s visual appeal comes from its aluminum and polycarbonate side slats, where light spills out for visual effect and modulates its intensity.

Innermost Gable Linear Lights pendant at LightForm

This is a piece to make your space feel on-trend, but also productive. It’s highly functional task light with direct downward illumination – perfect for high-ceilinged areas. But it’s also dimmable, with no direct line of sight to the bulb, thanks to its panel features. This makes it a comfortable addition to a home or office setting.

Its light source is an 18 W, 4000K integrated LED with a lifespan of 25,000 hours. It’s available in a standard length of 129 cm (4.2 feet). Designed by Jarrod Lim.




Carbon Light from Tokio

Tokio Carbon Light blog

This sleek and streamlined light is crafted from the same carbon fibre used on Ferrari, Ducati, and Renault F1 racing vehicles, making it a remarkable addition to any discerning designer’s collection. This LED-lit piece uses a suspension system on its ultra-light body to give height along with powerful illumination.

This is the perfect functional asset for modern day office spaces, adding a productive inspiration for board meetings or strategy sessions. Its organic, web-like design can expanded to any width, and uses LED spot models connected with tubular frame models. Up to 28 additional LED lights can be added. Its available in any number of RAL colours (more than 2,300 to choose from), including its signature carbon fibre finish. The Carbon Light uses 6W LED bulbs, which are available in 3000K or 4000K temperatures and are fully dimmable.



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